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Transport researcher & Full-time professor

A transport researcher with 15+ years of experience at the University of Belgrade - Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, Belgrade, Serbia

  • Birthday: 24 November 1979
  • Website: www.milenkovicmilos.com
  • Phone: +381 64 1313 794
  • City: Smederevska Palanka, Serbia
  • Age: 44
  • Degree: PhD
  • Email: m.millenkovic@gmail.com
  • Freelance: Available

Dr. Milenkovic works as an Full-time Professor at the University of Belgrade – The Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering. The courses that he performs on undergraduate and postgraduate studies are related to routing and scheduling problems, engineering economics and cost efficiency in railway engineering. Main research interests are: applied mathematical optimization, econometrics, organizational design (business and governance models) and engineering economics in transportation and logistics. Engaged as a member of editorial board of a number of scientific conferences and also as a reviewer of a number of prestigious peer-reviewed journals, like Transportation Research Part B, Transportation Research Part C, Transportation Research Part E, European Journal of Operational Research, Computational and Mathematical Organization Theory and many others. Throughout his career, Dr. Milenkovic has authored two books, two book chapters, and over sixty papers published in journals and presented at scientific conferences. He has also participated as a researcher in more than 20 national and international projects related to transportation and logistics.



Book chapters



Data analysis90%
Desktop App Development80%
Web App Development80%
Database management90%
Financial analysis100%




Machine learning


Engineering economics

Organisational design

Project management



Supply Chain

Inventory control

Production scheduling


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Milos Milenkovic

Innovative and deadline-driven transport researcher with 15+ years of experience in teaching, designing and developing user-centered solutions related to different kinds of transportation problems.

  • V. Karadzica 1, 11420 Smederevska Palanka
  • (381) 64 1313 794
  • m.millenkovic@gmail.com


Doctorate of Technical Science & Traffic and Transportation

2010 - 2013

University of Belgrade, The Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, Belgrade, Serbia

Topic: Fuzzy Random Model for Rail Freight Car Fleet Sizing

Magister of Technical Science

2005 - 2010

University of Belgrade, The Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, Belgrade, Serbia

Topic: An Integer Programming Model for Train Schedulling Problem

Master in Traffic Engineering

1998 - 2004

University of Belgrade, The Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, Belgrade, Serbia

Topic: Application of ITSs in Railway Traffic and Transportation

Professional Experience

Full-time Professor

2008 - 2024

University of Belgrade, The Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, Belgrade, Serbia

  • Working on research and commercial projects related to railway transportation
  • Writing scientific papers and books
  • Mentoring undergraduate and master theses
  • Delivering courses on undergraduate and master studies


2015 - 2021

Zaragoza Logistics Center - MIT Global Scale Network, Zaragoza, Spain

  • Working on research and commercial projects related to transportation, logistics and supply chain
  • Delivering executive education courses related to transportation, logistics and supply chain
  • Writing scientific papers and newsletter articles
  • Mentoring master theses
  • Delivering elective course “Freight Transportation”


2014 - 2015

University of Pardubice - Jan Perner Transport Faculty, Pardubice, Czech Republic

  • Working on project "Strengthening Excellent Teams"
  • Working on project "Development of Research Teams"
  • Writing scientific papers


My Services


Optimization of technological processes in transportation, logistics or supply chain. Operational, tactical or strategic perspective. Application of exact or heuristic techniques. Delivering of final solutions in the form of desktop or web application.

Data analysis

Retreiving, preprocessing and cleaning, understanding the structure, patterns and characteristics of the data related to transportation, logistics and supply chain processes. Converting data into a suitable format and applying statistical methods to analyze patterns. Building and training predictive models using machine learninig algorithms. Driving insights and conclusions from the analyzed data. Creating reports, dashboards or visualizations.

Financial analysis

Assessing the costs and benefits of specific financial decisions or investments in transportation, logistics or supply chain. Evaluating the impact of different scenarios or events on the financial outcome, making contingency plans. Application of NPV and IRR in case of certain or incertain inputs/outputs. Assessing the impact of risk on the financial performance by Monte Carlo simulation.

Efficiency analysis

Efficiency analysis in transport, logistics, and supply chain by evaluating various aspects of the processes to identify opportunities for improvement, cost reduction, and better overall performance.

Organisational design

Design of collaborative business and governance models in transportation, logistics, and supply chain based on the coordination, cooperation, and integration of various stakeholders with the aim to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve overall performance.

Desktop and Web Application Development

Creating windows-based or web software solutions to address the unique challenges and complexities in transportation, logistics and supply chain.
Desktop Application Development: Route Optimization and Planning, Fleet Management Systems, Inventory Management Software, Data Analysis and Reporting, Warehouse Management Systems.
Web Application Development: Real-Time Shipment Tracking, Collaborative Supply Chain Platforms, Supply Chain Visibility, Cloud-Based Solutions.


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Smart Rail


Handbook of Research on Emerging Innovations in Rail Transportation Engineering

Book chapter

Solutions Plus


A fuzzy random model for rail freight car fleet sizing problem


Railway traffic and transportation control


Fleet Optimization


Production scheduling


Clusters 2.0




A stochastic model predictive control to heterogeneous rail freight car fleet sizing problem


Simultaneous lot sizing and scheduling in the animal feed premix industry


Container flow forecasting through neural networks based on metaheuristics


Railway freight wagon fleet size optimization: A real-world application


Fuzzy modeling approach to the rail freight car inventory problem


A comparison between ARIMA, LSTM, ARIMA-LSTM and SSA for cross-border rail freight traffic forecasting: the case of Alpine-Western Balkan Rail Freight Corridor


SARIMA modelling approach for railway passenger flow forecasting


A hybrid model for forecasting the volume of passenger flows on Serbian railways


Optimization models for Rail Car Fleet Management



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